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Risk Management

Having managed clients' investments through two market crashes has given our office some insight into what really matters for most investors: risk management.  We understand that risk management starts with proper asset allocation and diversification and is the starting point for our client's portfolios.

Clients are Unique

 Not all clients are built the same and their investment portfolios do not need to be the same either.  We don't subscribe to a "One Size Fits All" mentality for our convenience or because our firm tells us to.  We understand that clients all have unique financial needs and situations and having access to a wide variety of investments such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and other wealth management products is crucial to finding the right solution.

Be Careful What You Pay For

Some investments are meant to be passively held over long periods of time while others are meant to be traded. Understanding what you own and why you own it is the key to understanding how you should pay for the management of your investments.  The more passive an investment, the less that you should pay for it to be managed.  We believe working with our clients to help them understand their investments gives them greater comfort in understanding their investment fee structures.

The Big Picture

We understand that investment portfolios are only one aspect of managing clients' wealth.  Our belief is that successful investing starts with careful investment planning and that is why we take the time to carefully review our clients' financial lives before jumping into the investments.

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