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Our Services

The main service of our office is to look after clients' money and their financial well-being.  This takes investment advice, investment planning and life insurance.  Doing a great job, however, means looking after the little things for clients throughout the year as well.

Stock Certificate Services

Got an old stock certificate?  Bring it to us and we can figure out what it is worth and sell for you.

Statement Cleaning Services

 Got a binder full of old statements and confirmations that you are unsure of what you should keep?  Let us safely and confidentially purge what you don't need to keep around.

Investment Tax Slip Organization

 Do you get overwhelmed with T3s, T5s, T4RSPs and other slips each year?  Let us go through your investment statements and make you a list of what to expect and when to expect it by.

GIC Reminder Services

 Do the banks keep rolling your GICs because you have them spread out and can't keep track of all the due dates?  You're not alone and we can help by keeping track for you.

Time Sensitive Reminders

 Did you know that the last year that you can contribute to an RESP and still receive a grant is when the child turns 17?  Did you know that from age 65 onwards, you can convert your RRSP to an RRIF to qualify for the $2,000 pension tax credit.  We keep our clients aware of these time-sensitive matters and we can help you as well.

Currency Conversions

 Our clients enjoy the benefits of changing US and Canadian funds through our firm at much lower rates than the banks.  Just don't bring us cash and don't expect to be paid in cash for your transaction.

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