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Generally, as people age, the basic need for life insurance becomes less important. There are, however, many cases where retirees still find the need to carry insurance. Call our office or stop by today for help in any of the following areas:

Passing down family properties:

There are certain assets that are very dear to families and no one wants to see them sold for financial necessity. Ask us today how life insurance can be set up to help preserve a summer home on the lake, a cabin in the woods, or a farm property for the next generation.

Leaving money to children or grandchildren:

Leaving money to future generations can sometimes be complicated. Second marriages, divorces, and financial problems can all lead to the consideration of using life insurance to pass money on to your children or grandchildren. We've helped numerous families in the past with their estate plans and we can help you as well.

Benefits Plans:

If you are newly retired and no longer have a health and dental benefits plan, we have some great options to keep you covered!

Travel Insurance:

We all know many retirees head south for the winter and we all know they need travel insurance. Call us for a free quote today!

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